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Specialist finishes

Watson & Gabb are experts in the application of a unique range of liquid metal, high gloss and resin specialist finishes. Our finishes are applied to free-standing and built-in furniture, used as wall coverings or used to create unique pieces of art. We can advise you how materials, colours and finishes can be combined to?obtain truly stunning surfaces, textures, tones and patinas. We offer a full service encompassing conception, design, joinery, fitting & installation.

For information about our range of core finishes, please contact us to request a sample pack.

Liquid Metal

Our liquid metal coating is made of a specific formula that?s 95% pure metal. It gives the effect of a real metal finish to create a truly innovative design.

Bespoke range

Our liquid metal coatings come in a range of tones including gun metal bronze, smokey bronze and mountain gold, and can be finished with decorative patina effects. All our patinas can be toned up or scaled down depending on your finish preference.

Just like the real thing

Liquid metal ages, patinates and polishes in the same way as metal. It shares the same characteristics as real metal with a?range of finishes,?texture, lustre and feel. It?s of the highest quality, completely durable, doesn’t shrink and offers brand new possibilities for state-of-the-art product design.

Sky’s the limit

There are endless finishes you can achieve with liquid metal; you are limited only by your imagination. It adds class and distinction to any surface or room, inside or outside, and we go above and beyond to capture any designer detail you wish to perceive.

High Gloss

Our high gloss coatings are 100% durable. They create an exclusive and stylish look that gives any space that atmospheric finish.

Boasts elegance

High gloss can be coated onto surfaces and furniture with a clear, stained or solid colour finish. It looks spectacular when applied onto furniture intended as statement pieces and makes a room look and feel elegant.

Creating a deluxe finish

We use only the finest range of high gloss finishes. You can choose high-end polyester only or high-end polyester with a wet look finish for that extra bit of sophistication. Both coatings are burnished to the highest standard to give a real mirror-like finish.

Specialist service

We offer a specialist service where we combine high gloss finishes with our liquid metal. This is a new and unique concept that delivers fantastic results. It provides more depth and a superior mirror finish than just applying one single coat.


Our resin finishes are entirely hand applied ensuring that every single piece of furniture, surface or object we create is truly unique.


Lasts a lifetime

Our resin finishes create a 100% gloss, super smooth, extremely durable surface, ideal for enhancing and protecting your bespoke furniture. It can be applied?to any material for outdoor use to guarantee a long-term high quality appearance.

Crystal clear

Our hand-applied, layered resin can be crystal clear to create that amazing high-quality, super-yacht finish to any piece of furniture or object. Colours and tones can be injected for a totally bespoke work of art.

Depth of finish

By adding pearlescent pigments during the layering process it’s possible to create incredible variety and depth of finish in just a few millimetres of resin. The options are endless and the results are extraordinary.

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